Saturday, July 7, 2012

July 4th and the Lake House

Hello there!!

I hope everyone is having a fantastic week! The class that I am I love! It is very interesting. We are learning right now the different ways to manage teams and how the different people have different ways of leading. It is interesting because every team needs different kinds of leaders to make the team successful. The third day of class my team had to present on how to have a successful project and what characteristics a team needs to be successful.

On July 4th, we decided to bring some America to lithuania! We found some fireworks and decided that even if we are in a different country we would still celebrate. First we went out to have a couple of drinks with our professors and then went to a karaoke bar. After that we just came back to the hostel and hung out. I taught the other international students the phrase "USA all the way!" they loved it! The next day the hostel wasn't too happy with us but hey not everyone can win.

This weekend a bunch of the program students went on a trip to go up to Skype headquarters but since it cost more money I decided to not go. One
of the portuguese knows someone that has a lake house so since it has been really hot up here the last couple days we decided to go up to the lake to cool off for the day.

The house was really nice and since Friday was kinda like their independence day they had a nice local music fair going on by the lake so I got to see more of the Lithuania culture outside of the city. So every house on the lake has a little house by the lake for their sauna. So what happens is you sit in the room for 180 degrees for about 15 minutes than you run from there to the lake and you do that for about four times and the last time you get kind of a whipping with hot wet branches! It felt really good!!

Then today on the way back from the lake house we stopped Traku. It is a very famous town in Lithuania. It is a castle that is surrounded by a lake. It was pretty cool we got to go inside and tour it!

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer and staying safe!!


  1. Hey can you add captions to the pics? I'm curious what the pictures are of...well some I can figure out, but you know.

  2. Looks extremely restful by that lake! You look happy there :)