Wednesday, July 11, 2012

KGB and Lithuanian Food

Hello y'all!

Yesterday was the last class for one of our professors. He was such a great professor and was very patient with the Portuguese students besides the one day where he locked the door right when class started... Surprising the only students in the class were the Americans, when I mean surprising I was lying since the Portuguese are always late. You will see a picture below with me and the professor as well as a picture with the whole UNC group.

In our class now we have to come up with a project that we will have to plan from start to the end. Most of the groups in the class are doing like river boat tours in Lithuania, our group (3 American males) are doing the relocation of the St. Louis Rams to Los Angeles. Yep, that is how we do things!

Yesterday was also the night that the Lithuanian students took us out to go get real Lithuanian food. They first started out with this bread bowl with mushroom soup in it then I had potato pancakes with bacon on top of it. After we went to a bar with the Lithuanians to just talk about the different cultures.

Today, since we had changed professors we started to have class in the morning instead of the afternoon. That was a hard one to get up for. But hey what is new!

After class, my friend and I went to the museum of genocide victims from the soviet union occupation of Lithuania in the 20th century. The exhibitions deal with the painful and dramatic times in Lithuania: the loss of independence, brutal reprisals at the hand of the Soviet regime, and the bitter fight for the reestablishment of independence. On the bottom floor of this building is actually a prison that they held Lithuanians at the time. It was very powerful experience, probably the most powerful experience was going into the execution chamber. It was hard to be in there but it is part of the world history.

Tonight, the Portuguese are cooking us real Portuguese food and tomorrow night we are cooking them American food. They have never had tacos, so we are cooking them that and Mac n cheese!

Peace out everyone!
Love ya


  1. Taco's for American Food?! Seriously? Why not a hamburger? Well, plan for it to be late. :-) See you next week.

  2. Because hamburgers are nothing new to them... They have mcdonalds and what not here... They never have heard of tacos!