Monday, July 16, 2012

Last Weekend Here!!

It's crazy to think that in less then a week I will be back home in the States. It has been such a great experience and I have truly learned a lot about myself in this time.

On Thursday, we made tacos for the Portuguese since they have never heard of them. The taco shells were a little hard and tasted different but at least they got to experience tacos. They were shocked that I was in a taco club at UNC... I was wearing my taco club shirt and they loved it. We went out into town to go listen to some live music and have a couple beers. The music seemed pretty good since we didn't understand the words it was the best we could do.

On Friday, we got up early to start our trip to the coast of Lithuania! It was about a four hour drive and then some. First we stopped at a pretty famous brewery to take a tour of the company. Their beer was very different then most places. At the brewery they had like a amusement park. Mostly it was like a rope course with many different levels. It had zip lines!! So since we were with the owner of the complex we got to try the course out for ten litas instead of 55 litas! It was so much fun! Challenging but fun! The hardest one was we had to most go across this wire of 30 feet with just our upper body strength while trying to get our feet in these little rope loops. One of the obstacles was that we had to swing across the forest like George of the Jungle... So of course I yelled just like him! Since it was a zip line course I got to cross off one more thin on my bucket list!

Once we finally got to the cost, we found out house that most of the guys were staying at, it pretty much reminded me of a fraternity house, lost of rooms and bathrooms, and one big hangout room! In Palanga, you can really see the soviet union architecture or the lack of it! Since this was mostly the "Miami beach" of the Soviet Union it was kind of freaky to think about what it was like thirty years ago, having generals waking around and staying in the same rooms that we were staying. That night, we made dinner for the whole house, we made spegettii with a meat sauce. Then, some of the professors an the other people of our program came over to just have a good time before going out.

The next day was mostly the beach day. We went swimming in the Baltic sea, which wasn't as cold as one would think. We walked around the whole beach and up and down the main street... Which had little kid carnival games ever two feet. You can tell that most of the economy here was based on the summer season.

Today, I woke up pretty early and went to church, once again I did not understand one word besides amen. I tried to go to confession but no priest knew any English so I thought it most likely wouldn't be valid. On the way back to Vilnius, we are stoping by the second biggest city in Lithuania, Kaunas. It pretty much looked like the same as Vilnius but it has great history here since it was the old capital of Lithuania when Vilnius was part of Poland!

Photo #1: Is at the brewery.
Photo #2: is our "frat" house.
Photo #3: is the church that I went to mass on Sunday.

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