Monday, July 2, 2012

What A Difference A Day Makes

Wow... Rome and Vilnius are two completely different city's. Everything about them are different. In Rome it is 100 degrees, sunny, expensive, use euros, full of tourist, and always go go go! Here in Vilnius it is like 75 degrees, overcast, great exchange rate, and just a town full of relaxation.
My last day in Rome was very nice. I used it as my relaxation day and just saw the city. I found a little farmers market going on in town. It was nice. Then, I found a catholic Church that spoke English in mass and went to mass. I left for the airport after mass and found a nice little spot to rest for the night. Then half way though the night I was woken up by a city bum telling me that I was in his spot and I need to move... Since I am not going to try to fight with a bum that doesn't speak English I just left. That was a long night... I met this some people that spoke English and found out that two girls where from Colorado!! That was cool!
Once I finally got to Vilnius, it was like 3 pm I met up with another girl that is from UNC and we walked to the hostel together. After that we walked around the city trying to find the brewery, which we finally did. We also found a nice little pizza place to eat some dinner. The waitress was laughing at us because to say thank you in Lithuanian you pretty much act like you are sneezing and she would just keep saying bless you and laugh walking away.
The one cool thing here is that once they get married they go to the bridge and lock a padlock to the bridge and through the key in the river as a sign of love until death! Also, they have this art constitution that has all these funny saying like, Everyman has the right to die but not an obligation, and a dog has the right to be a dog. Really cool! There is a bunch of churches here and I am really excited to go see them!
Today we had our first class. It was in this really nice university here in lithuania. It is one of the best. The work load doesn't seem too bad but I am the only one taking one class instead of two that we could have taken. So the other students pretty much go to class from 9-5 and I only go from 1:30-5 which is still long but not as long!
The hostel that we are staying at is pretty nice. It is very quite. The problem is that they are trying to fit nine guys in a room that is made for like 6 beds haha. The program has about 20 Portugal students ( who are late for everything and talk through the whole class) one Ukraine student and 9 or so American students.
Welp... I will blog again in a couple days with some more pictures!


  1. Great pictures and comments!!! Thanks for sharing, Jeff. Glad you're having a good time. Pat Seaton

  2. Hilarious about the sneezing and the Portuguese students! What a wonderful window into the culture you gave us in your writing and photos! Thanks for taking us on the adventure vicariously!